My name is Saraya Joy, I am a lover of sunlight, orange pekoe tea, and my heart and soul is in wedding, engagement and lifestyle photography.   

I have a huge soft spot for photographing love and happiness, and I couldn’t imagine spending my Saturdays any other way than photographing the happiest day of someones life.   

I always grew up believing in Disney fairytales, and now as an adult, I am more than honoured to say I witness a mini fairy tale every Saturday when I photograph a wedding.   

I absolutely love my job, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life doing anything else! I look forward to taking beautiful photos of all my beautiful current and future clients, and capturing sun kissed photographs that will last a lifetime.   


Love forgives everything. Love is always trusting, and always hoping, and LOVE never gives up.
1 Corinthians 13:7
I I have a Weiner dog I have a baby weenie & I love him more than anything in the world! He's a smooth short haired hotdog who LOVES to cuddle and help me with the laundry!
II fairytale believer As you can probably tell already, I am a huge believer in fairytales!
It's true - I believe in love at first sight & the love songs you belt out in the car & the typical romantic love story movie scenes!
III ADVENTURE SEEKER I am a huge lover of adventures. Whether it's in my own home town, or half-way around the world I want to explore every beautiful sun-kissed spot on Earth.
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