My name is Saraya Joy, I am a lover of sunlight, orange pekoe tea, and my heart and soul is in wedding, engagement and lifestyle photography.   

I have a huge soft spot for photographing love and happiness, and I couldn’t imagine spending my Saturdays any other way than photographing the happiest day of someones life.   

I always grew up believing in Disney fairytales, and now as an adult, I am more than honoured to say I witness a mini fairy tale every Saturday when I photograph a wedding.   

I absolutely love my job, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life doing anything else! I look forward to taking beautiful photos of all my beautiful current and future clients, and capturing sun kissed photographs that will last a lifetime.   


Love forgives everything. Love is always trusting, and always hoping, and LOVE never gives up.
1 Corinthians 13:7
I I have a Weiner dog I have a baby weenie & I love him more than anything in the world! He's a smooth short haired hotdog who LOVES to cuddle and help me with the laundry!
II fairytale believer As you can probably tell already, I am a huge believer in fairytales!
It's true - I believe in love at first sight & the love songs you belt out in the car & the typical romantic love story movie scenes!
III ADVENTURE SEEKER I am a huge lover of adventures. Whether it's in my own home town, or half-way around the world I want to explore every beautiful sun-kissed spot on Earth.

My dream as a little girl was to keep the idea of fairy tales alive - even when continuing into adulthood. I started my wedding photography business 4 years ago & was blessed enough do be doing the job of my dreams. Little did I know that by doing what I love, I would end up finding my own little fairy tale with the one I love.

Whenever I'm not behind the camera photographing love, I spend my days with my wonderful other half, Matthew.

The very first day I ever met Matt, it was literally love at first sight. Funny enough, he was actually the best man at a wedding that I was photographing with one of my photography friends. We couldn't keep our eyes off eachother the entire night & the rest is history!

I always believed since I was little that when you meet "the one" you will know instantly - & that's how I felt when I met Matthew. (I knew listening to all that Taylor Swift in highschool would pay off one day haha!).

Most of my current clients or past clients probably know him as the one behind all the muscle & hard work it took to build my absolutley stunning wooden Bridal Expo backdrop & tree-top-table with my logo burned into it!

But to me, he is my best friend & my better half, & I couldn't imagine meeting him any other way than through doing what I love.

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