You may not know it right now, but photos (ESPECIALLY wedding photos) will be the one tangible thing you'll have for a lifetime.

Even though things like your outfit, what you ate, the song that played in the background and location are all important things, your photos are what will keep your memories alive for years to come!

If there is ever one moment in your life where the photos matter, THIS moment is it. This is the moment, and these are the memories to have turned into visual pieces of your love.

The most important thing to me is showing you that I'm not just another vendor. I am not just someone you hire for the job, show up, get it over with, then leave. I am INVESTED in getting to know my couples so I can photograph you as your raw and real selves. I wanna be your third wheel bff foooo lifeeeee. For real though, some of my past brides have actually become some of my BEST friends, I'm so damn lucky.

Each couple in this world is unique, individual and come with their own quirks and beautiful stories. I know that not everyone is the same + that goes for your photography too.

I'm not about that stiff awkward posing - that cheesy prom pose? Yeah, we're gunna toss that RIGHT OUT the window don't you worry my friend. I am here to capture who YOU are, and to me, it's the in-between moments that are the ones worth capturing, all those priceless reactions from my horrible dad jokes that show who YOU are and show YOUR love story!

Everyone is different, each love story is unique and your photographs should represent that a-billion %.



These are my FAV. This is for any couple who is engaged, wanting to do their wedding portraits at a cool location before or after the day of their wedding, celebrating an anniversary or for anyone who's just HELLA in love and down to make some magic in front of the camera! 

For the adventurous couples who are going the extra mile for the intimate memories. LET'S GO EXPLORE. Hike a mountain, run to the edge of mossy cliffs, get your dress a little dirty and your hair a little messy babyyyyy. 

For the lovers who are going all out with their entire family and friends, who want to seal the deal with their nearest and dearest. Who else better would there be to eat, drink, and get DOWNNN on the dance floor with than with your entire GANG. And yes, you can freakin' bet I'll be on the dance floor with you singing to every song and bustin' dem moves. 

wanna work together? let's do this thing.


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