golden girl

Heyyaa, I'm Saraya!

pronounced like "sa - raya - sunshine” as my mom would say!

I’m a Canadian based worldwide destination elopement + wedding photographer and I am here to be YOUR professional third wheel while capturing all YOOOO LOVEEEE!

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I’m the girl who would rather be living out of a bag, sleeping in airports and hopping from country to country every chance I get.

I’m a windows down in the car singing’, white nail polish obsessed, indie music lover who has WAY too many bohemian rings on my fingers. And to top it off, it usually doesn’t much convincing for me to do or try something as I want to see and experience everything I can in this life. (I mean, I got “stay wild” tattoo’d on my side after road tripping all over Cali if that explains anything about me LOL). I’m finding a little more of my soul on every wild adventure + I’m so freakin' grateful that my job capturing love has blessed me with these experiences to travel the world.

life is not meant to be
lived in one place.

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